Two Views Of Poker Bonuses

There are two different types of poker players in the online world. This is not something that is a commentary on the style of poker playing or the way in which you can tell if a person has a hand. Instead, it is a commentary on the view of online poker bonuses that these two types of players have. Bonuses are pretty much unique to the online poker world and for that reason these are two player types and decisions that you will not find at the large casinos in Las Vegas.

One view of poker bonuses is the view that is held by the average online poker player. To the average online poker player, the online poker bonus concept is not one that is particularly important. The average player plays online poker because it is far more convenient to play than offline poker. They can play it in their house and in their bedroom wearing their bathrobe if they want to and in some cases they do not even have to get out of bed in order to play online poker. The convenience factor is maximum for them and for that reason online poker is certainly the way to go.

However, all of this has nothing to do with the online poker bonus concept. For a player that is into online poker because of its high level of convenience, the most important thing is not the bonus, but the site itself. They are interested in finding poker sites that are easy to use, offer a lot of action and offer a lot of choice. The poker bonus is merely icing on the cake, but the average online poker player is much more likely to choose a great poker site with a bad poker bonus than they are to choose a bad poker site with a great poker bonus.

This of course places them in direct contradiction with the other group of online poker players. These people are known as bonus collectors and their primary interest is the online poker bonus. They are interested in online poker bonus codes to increase their bonus yields and they never go after poker bonuses unless they believe that they can get them in a very big and very easy way. These players have massive amounts of experience playing at many sites with many different interfaces and for that reason will not be bothered by poor poker software if the bonus is good. If you want to be one of these players, you need to get good at finding excellent poker bonuses, using poker bonus codes and then releasing the bonuses quickly.

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