The Advantages of Playing With No-Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos offer various incentives for new players who sign up with them. These incentives are normally in the form of welcome / sign up bonuses. In addition to the sign up bonuses, some online casinos will also offer no-deposit bonuses to new players who open a real-player account with them. The main purpose of the no-deposit bonuses is to provide some free money for players to try out the casino before they make their deposit to their player’s account at the casino. The no-deposit bonuses are one of promotion strategies of online casinos to attract more new players to their casinos. However, in the view point of a player, there are a few key benefits to play at online casinos that offer no-deposit bonuses.

Among the advantages of playing with no-deposit bonuses are:

1. You with a chance to test a casino without risking your money

When you find an online casino offers a very attractive promotion or new game that draws your interest to sign up with the casino. However, you find less information about the legitimate, the quality of the casino support service and other necessary information that can help you to decide whether you should sign up and deposit the money into the casino. Luckily, this online casino does offer some amount of free money in term of no-deposit bonus for new players to test-play the casino’s games. You can take advantage of no-deposit bonus to try the casino at no risk before you make the first deposit. If you do not like the casino, just leave it. You have nothing to lose.

2. You keep the winnings

The no-deposit bonuses are the real money that will be deposited into your account. You can use the money to make your bets on any game at the online casino and keep the money you win. However, you should carefully read the wagering requirements for the no-deposit bonuses. Although most online casinos allow you to use the bonus to play any game at the casino, you need to meet the wagering requirements in order to be able to withdraw your winnings.

3. Test games that are not offered in “Fun Play” environment

Most online casinos allow you to sign up both “Fun Play” and “Real Money” accounts. Many players will initially sign up the “Fun Play” account to try the casino’s games. But, not all games are included in “Fun Play” environment. If the game you like can’t be found in “Fun Play” environment, then you can’t test-play the game. For example, most online casinos that offer live dealer games don’t integrate the games involve real-time video streaming live dealer games into the “Fun Play” account. Therefore, you can’t play with live dealer using a “Fun Play” account.

If the online casino offers no-deposit bonuses to their new players, then you can use the bonuses to test-play these games that you like, but can’t find in “Fun Play” environment. You don’t need to make any deposit; the casino will deposit some free money into your account up signing up a real player account, which you can use the money to play any game and try out the games you like. If you like the games and you like to continue playing at the casino; you can make the first deposit and enjoy other welcome bonuses offered by the casino. Else, you can leave the casino at any time without risking your own money.


Online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses to attract more new players, but you can use the advantages of no-deposit bonuses to your own benefits.

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