Bonus hunting was introduced to promote the online casino gambling sites. These offers were generally big and betting conditions were low. Making use of these kinds of bonus offers was highly profitable and an experienced online gambler put very little effort and found easily how profitable these bonuses were.

Growth of Bonus Hunting

Even though the online casino bonus was profitable, the process of searching bonus offers was not common and massive in the early days of online casino gambling. Anyway, bonus hunting became popular in Denmark. Gambling players recognized that bonus offers could help them win a huge prize pool. Hence, the gamblers started bonus hunting to gain huge prizes.

Generally, people had got welcome bonus offers, when they signed up to the casino site for the first time. Players accepted the bonus, played for a low risk bets and withdrew their actual bonus cash amount and their winning gifts. Some of the bonus hunters followed this process at some of the casinos a day and got a bulk balance by the end of the day. In fact, these people who were hunting for the bonus offers were the small threats for the online casinos and so they were ignored in general.

When a Danish TV channel showed a program about bonus hunting, this situation changed. Bonus hunters came out a group, all of a sudden and the casinos sat up to note.

Casinos Oppose Bonus Hunters

Still, gamblers are there to hunt for the bonus offers at online casino sites all over the world. Anyway, online casinos started to take steps to avoid or reduce at least against the process of bonus hunting. Nowadays, bonus offers at online casinos come with stricter betting conditions. This makes the players to spend more money to win big prizes. It will not be worth expenses for those bonus hunters.

Introduction of Sticky Bonuses

Players can use these sticky bonuses in order to play games at the casinos, but these sticky bonuses could not be withdrawn. That is, the winnings come from the bonuses can be withdrawn, whereas the actual bonus amount cannot be withdrawn. Many of the casino sites started to prohibit riskless betting in a single attempt in order to make it tougher for the bonus hunters to accomplish the wagering requirements which are attached to the bonus.

Risk free gambling consists of bets, such as betting on both red and black in roulette, at the same time. Some casinos will not even allow the games at lower edge to be used to accomplish wagering requirements. That’s why the process of finding bonuses becomes more difficult that could be played on games like video poker and blackjack.

 Bonus Hunting at Present

It is still a common thing to see people hunting for bonus offers, but it is not an easier to accomplish the wagering requirements for getting a bonus. It was profitable in earlier days. However, now it is no longer beneficial for any player or a bonus hunter. So they should be aware of the wagering requirements of a bonus sooner than they accept it.