Casino bonus hunting is really exactly what its name suggests. It is quite simply hunting for the best casino bonuses. When online casinos were first established, they offered casino bonuses with far fewer limitations attached to them.

They were generally large bonuses with low wagering requirements that would always be beneficial for players to use. Casino bonus hunting changed the way that online casinos offer their bonuses.

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The History of Casino Bonus Hunting

Now that we know what is Casino Bonus Hunting, lets look at the history. Casino bonus hunting was not initially common, however it grew in popularity in Denmark when a number of Danish players realized that they could make a worthwhile profit simply by playing for the bonuses.

These people went casino bonus hunting at multiple online casinos per day. This status quo may have continued if a Danish TV station had not aired a program about casino bonus hunting. Suddenly, it was not just a few people who were casino bonus hunting, but far more than the online casinos were comfortable with.

Can you Bonus Hunt Today?

Casino bonus hunting remains alive and well today. Online casinos have made it far more difficult for people to bonus hunt by increasing the wagering requirements attached to the bonuses.

This means that players have to spend more money in order to be able to withdraw their winnings and for many people, it simply became not worth their while.  Sticky bonuses, that were introduced by some online casinos made things even more difficult for bonus hunters.

These are bonuses that can be used to play at the casino, but while their winnings can be withdrawn, the original bonus amount cannot. The casinos also restrict the games that players can use their bonuses to play. Often games with a low house edge cannot be used to fulfill wagering requirements.

In truth, all this means is that in order to bonus hunt, you really do have to hunt for the best bonuses. You need to find large bonus amounts with low wagering requirements.

In addition, bonus hunters have discovered that by playing at the lowest stakes tables, they can minimize the amount of their bonus that is used up while fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Can Casino Bonus Hunting be Successful?

It is unlikely that casino bonus hunting will find the hunter coming out ahead or even that they will be able to take home the majority of their bonus. But, it is definitely possible for a bonus hunter to walk away with some of his bonus and his initial deposit.

The biggest thing to be aware of is that successful casino bonus hunting takes time. Playing on the lowest stake games will keep you playing for a long time, but if you have patience, you will come out ahead of where you started.

There are a huge amount of casino bonuses available today. You will need to hunt though for the most profitable bonus taking into account the bonus amount and the wagering requirements. If you choose well and play patiently, the chances are you will make money.