Online USA Casino playing Help? Please answer each question in Details.?

I am thinking of joining with an online casino accepting USA players. I was Reading the Terms and conditions and it says something like I have to wager 13 times the amount I deposit + Bonus in order to cash out and that does not count Blackjack and Roulette!
What does That mean?
I want to play the roulette so which casino should I use?
Are there any online usa casinos that dont have this rule?
How can you cahsout?
Which casino do you recommend based on personal experience?
PLEASE NO AFFILIATES OR REVIEW SITES. Just looking for an honest answer.
Thank you very much

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  1. Mick Shrimpton February 3, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Those terms generally mean that you have to rollover so many times to cashout with your bonus money. If you don’t accept a bonus, then you shouldn’t worry about rollover amounts. FWIW, if you are looking to choose a site based on their bonus amount, then you’ll probably lose more trying to release it than the amount of the bonus amount, in the first place! You should choose a site based on your preferred deposit and payout methods…all good sites generally offer fast and free payouts, but a check may be free at one site, while there may be a fee at another. And so on with other methods, like echecks and bank transfers.

    Also, when the sites disclose that blackjack and roulette don’t count towards your rollover, it just means that it’s easy for players to rollover with these games, and they don’t want to make it easy for you to get that bonus.

    I know you asked for no reviews sites, but you might find the information at informative to further help you make an informed decision on which site you want to choose. There are too many scam sites out there, and the sites that I recommend and play at are listed there. The tips are made from myself…a fellow online gambler from the US, not some Internet fatcat in Europe looking to make a quick buck! Hope this helps.

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  2. There are many ptifalls to online casinos. Many of them are simply scams, make it very hard to get your bonus money and some will never payout when you win. You are smart to thouroughly check out the terms and conditions before you pick one, and to be sure you understand them.

    If you posted the name of the casino you are thinking of, it would be easier, but in general, roulette ( and blackjack ) are excluded as counting for your bonus terms because they offer closer to even terms on your bets. These casinos want you to play the online slots, where their margins are much higher, so the likelihood of you losing your initial deposit is higher.

    Before you select any online casino to play at, check the Online Casino Blacklist before you join it! If the one you are thinking of playing at is on the list, you may want to reconsider it.

    Here is a link:

    Good luck, keep in mind that roulette cannot be beaten in the long run, so play only with money you can afford to lose!

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  3. mainly deals with those types of games.
    I dont know of any casinos that other this though i am afriad but i think it may be worth your time looking at a list of bonuses offered from usa player casinos on another site even if you dont click through to the casino in the link
    a good site in which i use alot to see about bonuses is and they have a usa casinos section so i do think you will find what you are looking for on there

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