Online TV – View Streaming Online TV Channels on Your Pc

Online TV:

Online TV refers to a television service offered online to enable you view and watch streaming online TV channels on your computer via broadband internet connection. To watch or view television on PC or Laptop will never be easier, once you are a member; you will get instant access to more than 12000+ live online television channels with streaming films, news TV, Kids TV, sports, music, weather, lifestyle, TV shows and free movie TV downloads, you will be able to watch thousands of channels and movies within seconds of becoming a member at NO monthly charges,To Register Now. Click Here

Broadband Online TV Features:

– Get 12000+ live TV, recorded TV, and VOD (Video on demand) channels.

– Get thousands of radio + music stations at no extra charge.

– Access to full movie channels.

– Watch LIVE! Popular sporting events from all over the world.

– Detailed instructions how to setup your PC or Laptop.

– As a member get the latest updates, added channels at no extra cost, hdtv.

– Use the special direct connect TV channels; login to member’s area and watch TV.

– Search programming by genre, country or by viewing format.

– Free technical support.

– Get over a hundred dollars worth of bonuses as a member.

Online TV Entertainment:

In terms of entertainment, online TV offers television channels from all over the world in many different languages.

A few of these countries are:

Albania – Top Channe, Albania – Voa News, Algeria – ENTV, Andorra – ATV, Andorra – TVA1, Antigua and Barbuda – ABS, Argentina – Canal 2, Argentina – Canal 4, Aruba – Bo Canal 24, Australia – ABC Comedy Kitchen, Australia – ABC Kids, Australia – ABC Media Watch, Australia – ABC Rage, Australia – ABC Sports, Australia – ACC, Australia – AFL (Australian Football League), Australia – Bigpond, Azerbaijan – AZTV, Azerbaijan – GunAz TV, Azerbaijan – Ictimai TV, Bahrain – Discover Islam TV, Belarus – Belarus TV, Belarus – First National, Belgium – West op Zondag, Belgium – WTM, Belize – 7 News, Belize – Channel 5, Benin – LC2, Bolivia – Full Television Canal 39, Bolivia – Gigavision, Bolivia – Megavision Canal 18, Bolivia – Redadvenir, Bosnia&Herz – BHTV, Bosnia&Herz – NTV Hayat, Bosnia&Herz – VOA Bosnia, Brazil – ALCE, Brazil – AllTV, Brazil – Arca, Brazil – TV Terra, Brazil – TVE, Brunei Daris. – RTB, Bulgaria – BTK international, Bulgaria – BTK national, Canada – Argent, Canada – Canal Savoir, Canada – CBC Calgary, Canada – CBC Edmonton, Canada – CBC Igalaaq, Chile – Canal 13, Chile – Canal 13 Cable, Chile – CDtv, China – SZTV, China – XATV-2, China – XIN TV, Colombia – Canal 41 ABN, Colombia – Canal Cuatro, Colombia – CMB, Colombia – Nova Television, Cote D’ivoire – TV2 Cinema, Croatia – HTV 1, Croatia – HTV Sat, Croatia – OTV, Croatia – Smart TV, Cuba – Cubavision
Cuba – TV Cubana, France – TLM, France – TMC Monaco, France – TV 5 Monde
Germany – WWTV, Germany – XEN.ON, Germany – ZDF, Ghana – Ghana TV, Greece – Astra TV, Greece – ERT Sat, Haiti – Bamboch TV, Honduras – Canal 6, Honduras – Maya TV, Hungary – ATV, Hungary – Duna II Autonomia, India – Sudarshan TV, India – Zee Smile, India – Zee TV, Italy – TVA, Italy – TVR Teleitalia, Italy – Videolina, Japan – Channel J, Japan -Beach TV, Japan – FNN, Japan – IIV Channel
Japan – Impress TV, Mexico – Universidad Canal 1, Mexico – VideoRola, Mexico – XEJTV, Mongolia – TV 9, Mozambique – TV Mana, Nepal – Nepal 1 TV, Netherlands – 101 TV, Netherlands – 2e Kamer, Nigeria – Emmanuel TV, Nigeria – Loveworld, U.S.A – WVIT, U.S.A – WVUE, U.S.A – WVVH, U.S.A – Wildlife Channel, U.S.A – Young Turks, U.S.A – Yuma 77, Ukraine – 24 TV, Ukraine – UTR….and more

A few of the Online TV Entertainment Categories available:

Animal Channels, Documentaries, Anime TV, Family, Worldwide, Live Radio, Rugby, Music Videos, Fashion, Video on Demand, News & Weather, Business, Finance, Cartoon TV, Classic Films, Full movies, WebTV, Live shows, Soccer , Live Sports!, Cultural TV , Talk Shows, Sci Fi TV, Comedy TV , Sports News, Kids TV, Shopping, Auto Racing, Vacation &Tourist….and more

Advantages of Online Tv:

– You can watch Tv when traveling or on vacation.

– When you do not have access to satellite/cable in your area.

– You will view some great programming your current TV provider does not offer.

– You will watch channels from all over the world in many different languages.

– It’s a good alternative to your satellite or cable television service

– You save money from the high costs of satellite/cable television service.

Free Members Bonuses:

Unlimited movie downloads

DVD/CD burning software

Video/DVD to ipod converter

Web look TV

Free internet security software


At least 64M system memory — 128M system memory is recommended.
At least 10M hard disk space.

Windows XP (Professional or Home edition), Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows95, Windows98, or Vista Home or Professional Platforms. MAC users will need to have a current OS X version with .exe download abilities.

Use Online TV on a broadband cable/DSL connection with 128K minimum speed for optimum performance. However, this will work on a 56k dial up as well. You will just need to wait longer for the TV channels to buffer (download).

You can use Online TV service on as many as six computers with one membership, provide everyone in your household with this service, or install at your work or business. You will be allowed to download and view on up to six computers or laptops with one membership.


You will have three primary choices:

1. Contact your local cable company to purchase a converter box and service.

2. Purchase a satellite TV service.

3. Purchase an Internet TV service such as Online TV at a ONE-TIME price and get more channels than the others. Depending on your computer set up it is possible to transfer the Online TV signal from your computer to your TV set. 

Online TV will be uninterrupted by the transfer. As a matter of fact Online TV is expecting more TV stations once the transfer takes place in February 2009. No need to wait. Click here to Register – Online TV.



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