Is it possible to win with online bingo?

i have seen a lot of online bingo sites… just wondering if it is actually possible to gain anything.. has anyone ever won with these?? or is it just a scam?

Also i seen ones that offer £10 free play ect… is this another scam? can the money u win be transferred straight to ur bank account or paypal?

Thanks for any replies!

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  1. Nicholas Hoult April 15, 2010 at 8:40 am

    yeah but its not easy

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  2. no is not

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  3. You might win a game or 2, but you will NEVER, ever, EVER be able to make money doing this.

    If you REALLY enjoy Bingo, and don’t mind paying money to play it because it’s worth paying that money for the entertainment value it gives you, then GO FOR IT!

    If you actually think you can MAKE money doing this, you will be very disappointed.

    As for the £10 free play, they have a million stipulations before you can actually cash out that money. You’ll end up paying £500 before you can cash out the £10!

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  4. no online bingo is a scam and so are slot machines if you ever see a slot machine run for your life the government made them to brain wash people!!!!!

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  5. GamblingMaster April 15, 2010 at 10:49 am

    The money cant be transferred directly to your bank account, they are used to play in the bingo, you have to meet certain wagering requirements to withdraw those bonus money, like 20xtimes the bonus.

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    Seriously this is the best site i kow!. You can play for free 24/7 and in the free games you can win anything from 20p up to £25. The winnings can then be added up and you can buy tickets into played for games where you can win quite a bit of real money. I first deposited a tenner and got a £30 bonus wich you have to wager but whatever you win once you have wagered this amount is yours to keep and withdraw!. :). I put £10 in so had £40 to play with and won £72 wich i withdrew. Since my first deposit i have not put another penny in and just play the free games then buy into paid games with my free winnings and have withdrawn a further £180 since. It does take time mind but seriously its well worth giving it a try. Also they bank through brigend cashiers wich are the only ones i trust to be honest 🙂

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  7. People do win playing bingo online, take a look at the story below!

    My suggestion, as someone who loves the bingo game online, is to take a look at a reputable bingo review site, read what they have to say about the site you want to play at, and trust their judgement.

    Sites like Foxy Bingo are reputable and this is the type of site you want to stick with. Many sites will offer you free cash but a deposit is usually required before a withdrawal can be made. However there are exceptions to this rule, Lots of Bingo for example. This site gives all new players £5 free and if they can win £50 or above with the free money then they are able to withdraw without ever making a deposit.

    Always read the terms and conditions of any deposit bonus in the world of internet bingo, they usually have wagering requirments attached. These should be easily met but there are sites out there that have extortionate requirements and high minimum withdrawal amounts.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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  8. www-USAGamingSupplies-com April 15, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    It is possible to win. Just be careful what information you give and to whom – check to make sure the Bingo site you choose is reputable. Nothing worse than giving away personal information on the Internet to an unknown party!

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