Can you play online poker games with dial-up internet service?

Wondering if you can play online poker while using dial up internet service. Will be staying in a place that can only get dial up. Will the game go too slow or disconnect too often with dial up? Thanks!

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  1. Yes, you can play using a dial up service, but you may have issues with disconnection.

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  2. Yes you can but,

    Try and choose a room with fairly basic software that won’t slow you down. There is nothing more annoying that being timed out due to a bad connection, this will lose you money!!

    If you’re from outside of the USA try lucky ace as they are their software is kept basic for this reason, you’ll also get 25% instant bonus plus 75% more released as you play, example: deposit $400 get $100 instant and make $300 more.

    Don’t choose a room that’s too flashy, not only will it take ages to download the actual software itself but it will be very annoying.

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  3. internet is the devils playground

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  4. If you want a free-to-play, low bandwidth, multiplayer poker game with avatars, chat and a great community try…

    GoodGame Poker

    The game is available in English, German and Spanish so far. You can register or just play as a Guest. All the excitement and strategy of texas hold’em! Highly addictive and fun to practice on without any real cash.

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