Can I return something I bought from and still keep the bonus online $100 gift card?

I bought a PS3 online and in doing so earned myself(or a friend) a $100 online gift card. My question is, let’s say I return the PS3. Do I still keep the gift card?

Here’s another hypothetical, let’s say someone uses the gift card BEFORE I return it? What can they do? They can’t take back what someone else bought with that gift card, right?

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  1. You may have to give them back the gift card and if you already spent it you may have to pay it back or deduct it from your total.

    Why don’t you just sell your ps3 on ebay?

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  2. Ok, I work at walmart and people return online stuff all the time, I have never took back a gift card from a online purchase. But, the store you go to might, but i dont think they will.

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  3. yeah, it would actually be honest if you sold it on ebay.

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  4. First, the PS3 w/$100 gift card is a bundle item. If you return one item, by policy, you must return all items. Therefore, the gift card would be voided.

    I handled a similar situation just yesterday. The first thing we do is cancel the gift card and charge any difference in the amount to your credit card. Second, we issue the refund for the PS3.

    The same holds true regardless of your return method. If done at the store, will get an automated notice and the gift card will be voided. You can’t get around it. It’s a bundle the items are tied to each other.

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