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  1. I’ve been researching online sportsbooks and have found that certain books offer what appears to be a large bonus but find out that the advertising is very deceiving and is not what you get. Some examples are:

    1. For example I ran into http://www.BonusBet.com and this site offers a 15% bonus up to $5000. The total bonus you can get is then $750 and you receive this without any problems. This works out for me and there is no surprises here.

    2. Another site http://www.Betus.com offers what they say is a 100% signup bonus but this is in combination of 5 other offers of which you’ll never redeem. This includes a 40% refer a friend, a 20% reup and other conditions which do not apply to your first deposit. Obviously if you add up all the bonuses the % is high but the actual received amount is low.

    3. The third one that I ran into was http://www.Gosportsbet.com , this site offered a 20% signup and a 10% redeposit bonus. I got the bonus right away for $200 and $100 on the next one. Again no surprises.

    What I find about online sportsbook bonuses is that it’s not the advertised % that matters but the actual amount received and the best ones are the ones that deliver on their promises.

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  2. GaminGoogle lists over 20 sportsbooks and the new player bonuses that they offer: http://robertmedl.com/gamingooglesearch.php?as_nod=0&as_idp=0&as_mda=1000&t=Sportsbook&SRC=YahooAnswers

    Best of luck!

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