where is the gambling better? vegas or atlantic city?

never been to vegas and want to go in march. the online hotel reviews are very poor regarding the casinos.

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  1. My opinion Vegas or Lake Tahoe.

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  2. I have been to both places one time. By far, the better experience was in Vegas, especially if you are a low roller. I especially liked the old downtown area. We stayed at the Golden Nugget. You have the Horseshoe right across the street and the area seemed to attract more of the locals. Table stakes were also lower here than on the strip and you got comped well even being a low stake better. You can always venture down the strip and check out all of the famous casinos in this area but the minimums tend to be higher. Atlantic City you had to pay just to park your car. You had to wait to get to play at a low stakes table and they were non existent on a busy night. We also had to fly into Philadelphia and rent a car to drive the rest of the way. I would go back to Vegas but not Atlantic City. I would like to check out Reno and Tahoe as well espcially during ski season.

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  3. its way better Vegas cause more money and more gambling

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  4. Las Vegas is the best place to gamble. They have the best breadth of games, entertainment, shopping, etc.

    They have much lower gambling taxes in Nevada than in Atlantic City so Vegas is able to offer much better odds, re-investing the profits into new casinos.

    Which hotels are being reviewed online? I can only guess they were not the Bellagio, Wynn, or Venetian.

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  5. WhatsYourProblem February 4, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    By every single measurable criteria, Las Vegas is superior to Atlantic City. Alot more games. Alot more action. Much better hotels. Better prices. Better service. Fewer New Yorkers.

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  6. vegas is better to go gamble you also can bet on sports

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  7. Go to the place that is closer to you. You will save money.

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  8. There really is no comparison between the two cities.

    The main Vegas strip area where most first time visitors will be visiting has a nice safe family atmosphere. The lights, casinos, shows, night clubs, and everything is larger than life. It’s really a great experience.

    I’ve only been to Atlantic City once, but at night I was very pleased for the sky walks between the casinos. The streets are anything but a family atmosphere. Every other shop is a pawn shop, a sex shop, a bail bonds place, or a check cashing service. The streets appear to be patrolled by prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, and bums. It was like playing Grand Theft Auto, but unfortunately I was not armed. I would not feel at all safe venturing outside at night in that town. I really didn’t feel all that safe just driving in in the first place.

    The casinos themselves are in a totally different league in Vegas. They are far more upscale.

    I think that some of the reviews you read online are just biased. Many people go to Vegas expecting their hotel room to be the Playboy Suite at the Palms, they expect to be treated like high rollers, when they are not. Many people go to Vegas expecting way too much, lose their vacation money and come home with a bit of an attitude. Those people who can afford the top class hotels, often expect miracles from those too, and are perhaps a little unrealistic. Let’s face it, some of these hotels have over 2,500 rooms. With such a massive operation something will sometimes fall through the cracks.

    I’d check the reviews at expedia.com, they are usually fairly reasonable. Just remember some people are whiners and just like to rant on there. For every review that you read there are probably 50 people who had a great time, but are just too lazy to write a review.

    I think you’ll have a great time in Vegas if you plan your trip well. Afterwards Atlantic City will just seem like the armpit of New Jersey.

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  9. jatinchopra30 February 4, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Las Vegas is the nation’s No.1 gambling mecca. Thats the reason Atlantic city is known as poor man’s Las Vegas.

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