where do i report an online bingo site that is not paying out winnings?

I recently won a nice amount of money in online Bingo. I have been trying for weeks to receive my winnings. I understand Neteller is not longer available. Why can they keep taking our deposits and not have to pay out? Where can I go for help in this matter. I tried to ask questions in the sites live chat and they disconnected my access. Now they have my money and all my personal info. Any suggestions?

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  1. quintstevenson January 24, 2010 at 4:07 am

    online gambling is illegal. Now you know why. Next time go to a real bingo hall with real old people and real smokey ciggarettes.

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  2. If you are in the USA, you are breaking the law and if you try to contact the authorities on this matter there is a decent chance you will face legal action against you.

    I am not saying it is right or wrong, cause I think you should be able to waste your own money any way you see fit; the government however thinks that gambling sites are being used by terrorists to funnel money around the world.

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  3. If they happened to be based in the same country that you are you may have some legal recourse depending on the contract you signed, or at least their terms of use agreement. Odds are very low they are based out of any country they do business in because that would be silly since they may be subject to laws, though some countries don’t care either way, and if they are not then forget about it. When dealing with any company on the internet you are really at your own risk anyway. Sorry.

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  4. It sounds like you’ve been scammed. I would call your local police to see if they have any idea to handle computer crimes–some do. You probably gave them credit card numbers and other personal info,so notify your credit card companies and change your account number. Check your statements for any unauthorized charges. Also, check your credit report. Good luck.

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