Where can I find online slot machines with the coolest bonus rounds?

I play a lot of the video slots when I visit Vegas but I was wondering if online casinos have the same quality of games.

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  1. Anita Johnson January 25, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    There are many excellent slot machines online. You can read about many of them at http://www.ranked-online-casinos.com/igt-slots.html

    That site has comparisons between slots often found in Las Vegas and very similar games online. Good luck!

    P.S. Isn’t there a slot called “Benny Big Game”? Nice ID name. I think I played that game before at a casino.

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  2. Online lotterys are all scams!

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  3. Check Our Reel Strike

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  4. Check out the video slots at online casinos that run Microgaming software.

    I think that the best Microgaming online casino is Casino Grand Bay: http://www.referspot.com/showadtext.asp?g=0&b=1456&w=1649&s=b

    I have been playing there for some time, and am confident that their games are on the level. Also, the customer service folks are very helpful when I have questions about deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses. You can play in Practice mode at Casino Grand Bay as well.

    If you like the slots at Casino Grand Bay but want to try a different casino (maybe to get all the initial signup bonuses!!!), GaminGoogle has a list of over 50 Microgaming Casinos that offer at least a 100% initial signup bonus: http://robertmedl.com/gamingooglesearch.php?as_idp=100&t=Casino&as_sof=1

    Best of luck!

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  5. Hi you should play on http://www.casino-vegasred.com they have 2 new slots where you can win $3.000.000 and $5.000.000

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