What Poker Bonuses And Online Poker Bonus Codes Can Do For You?

You might even be someone that goes from site to site collecting the bonuses that are available at each of the sites before moving on and then coming back later when the reload bonuses are offered. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle, as long as you know how to maximize the potential bonuses that you can pull down. This is where many people end up losing something because of the fact that the bonuses they collect are not the best potential bonuses on the block. Some bonuses are only unlocked by online poker bonus codes and those codes can do a lot of things to the average online poker bonus.

Increased Amount

One of the most common things that a bonus code will do to a poker bonus is to increase the amount that you can get in the bonus. As an easy example, if a particular poker site offered a poker bonus worth 100% up to $100, the poker bonus code that the website gave out might change the bonus to 100% up to $150 or 100% up to $200. This means that if you deposited more money into your account, you would end up with more money overall. Bonus codes will greatly increase the amount of money you get from online poker bonuses as they can increase a typical deposit bonus anywhere from 25% up to 1000% depending on the poker site you visit.

Increased Percentage

If a poker bonus code does not increase the actual amount of the bonus that you can earn, they might actually end up increasing the percentage instead. For example, in the same example as given above, the deposit bonus is still 100% up to $100. A poker bonus code that operates under increased percentage principles however might make that bonus 150% up to $100 or even 200% up to $100, allowing you to deposit a smaller amount of money in order to get the same bonus. This increased percentage code is good for starting bonus collectors because it allows them to go after larger bonus deals a lot sooner than they otherwise would be able to.

Decreased Release Requirements

The last thing that an online poker bonus code might do for you is to decrease the overall release requirements that the poker bonuses comes with. In the same example with a 100% up to $100 bonus, the release requirement might be that you play 20 raked hands per dollar of bonus. However, when you input the code it might change the requirements to 10 raked hands per dollar or even 5 raked hands per dollar. In essence, these types of codes take a particular requirement and make it easier to fulfill. These particular online poker bonus codes are very good for bonus collectors because it allows them to release poker bonuses quicker and therefore also allows them to do more bonuses in the same amount of time.

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