What is the best free online poker site?

I’m looking for a free online poker website to play on, but I’m not sure which one is the best.

PLEASE list the pros and cons of each website you have experience with.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. FullTiltpoker.net

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  2. i prefer pokerstars.com

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  3. As per my experience Full Tilt Poker & Poker stars are two top sites which allow free online poker play. To read detailed pros & cons about these sites visit http://www.bestpokersitereview.com/

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  4. generationofswine1 January 27, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Pitbull Poker is excellent. You don’t have to download anything as you play in the browser, so there’s nothing to download. They have a good amount of free games and you can get a free 10 dollars to play there without a deposit if you use the code UPB10. If you don’t like browser based games I guess it might not be so good…

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  5. 1.Full tilt Poker
    currently best chance for a free trip to the wsop.
    limit the number of players in free tournaments to 2700
    you can win cash with no deposit
    2.Poker stars
    lots of tournaments but the fields are to large 10000 to 12000
    and there free trip to the wsop is nearly impossible
    3.Players only poker
    the best freerolls and a chance at a 13000 prize pack to the wsop
    also has new software for your mobile devices no one else has this
    4.Pitbull poker
    a fun site but not alot of action but there is a free 10 dollars that
    is easy to get we all like free money
    you can visit pokercashstop to get details on all of these sites

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  6. there are a few of them

    check out http://www.freepokerlist.com

    they have a few good ones there

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  7. I think party poker is the BEST!!!

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  8. For free poker, you really only want to consider:

    Full Tilt



    The reason for this is that these sites have a large number of players, a variety of poker formats for free poker, and they have the best software. The smaller sites really don’t care about free money poker, so you just don’t get as many good options to play.

    If I had to pick, I’d go with Full Tilt.

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  9. Whichever one offers you the most money 🙂

    It really depends upon your playing style, you need to find a site that suites you. My personal preference is party poker which works very well for me.

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  10. In my opinion, Rounders Poker Supply is best poker site. It really sets the standard in the industry as far as tournaments go, with an unmatched selection and sit-and-gos at all stakes starting up virtually every second. For more details >>>> http://www.rounderspokersupply.com/

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