what is a good Casino in or near San Francisco?

all the ones that i have read reviews on are horrible.

like cache creek is good but its almost 2 hours away and i dont want to drive that far.

Also, is there a place online that has a list of ones around where i am with easy to get to reviews?


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  1. You could try Lucky Chances in Colma or the Oaks in Emeryville.

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  2. I love Cache Creek but ya it is a long depressing drive home if you go broke. If your into Poker then there are a ton of places that have poker and blackjack and 3 card poker.

    My 3 favorites besides Cache creek

    Garden City in San Jose
    Bay 101 in San Jose
    Lucky Chances in Colma

    or check here 500nations.com it shows all the local casinos

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