Online poker?

I’ve never played poker online before, but I’m a bit curious and would like to try it out. But there seems to be at least a million different online sites I can play, and I’m a bit confiused. Any recommendations on where I should start out?

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  1. Most of the websites out now allow you to put money onto your poker account, but they won’t allow you to take out they money you have won. If you were talking about playing for free, I would look at PartyPoker or BoDog.

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  2. Don’t start it – you will get addicted and lose lots of money, even if you start out by winning you will lose in the end. It’s a mug’s game!

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  3. my partner loves that site and it looks quite good to me too.

    He’s on it all the time.

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  4. I used to play online poker, so I know quite a few good sites. Here are my favorites… (my favorite)

    I hope that one of these sites works for you.

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  5. Ultamite Bet is the funnest place to play but you need to contact them and get them to tell you where it is legal to do so.

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  6. Go to Its got great interface and you can deposit using Epassporte. They welcome US players.

    You can always find a game there with whatever stakes you want. from .01/.02 all the way up to $100/$200 and higher.

    They have really popular sit and go tournaments also for as low as $1.00.

    It’s the best poker site I’ve seen.

    Good luck and have fun.

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  7. Hi Eirik:

    Not sure if you are a US citizen but I am going to assume that you are. With the online gambling climate change in the US it’s become harder to find a poker room that is going to stay the course. Already we have had Doyles Room pull out of the US market just last week. Unfortunately another casualty of the war on internet gaming.

    That being said I have been playing online poker for years and specifically at party poker and absolute poker. Party poker who was the largest online room has left the US market which drastically reduced the numbers playing there. With that in mind more and more US players found other options such as absolute poker. In my opinion their software is superior, they have over 10,000 players at any given time so always a table available at limits you feel comfortable playing at. They offer excellent funding and withdrawl methods for US players as well.

    Absolute also offers texas holdem, omaha poker, razz poker, 7 card stud and 5 card stud. So no matter what your game it is available there.

    They offer a 100% 1st time deposit bonus so if you fund your account for $100.00 your bonus would be an additional $100.00 in poker cash!

    Good luck to you as online poker is really alot of fun. I have provided a link to absolute for you and hope to see you at the tables.


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    Try this site cause it is the best, it offers a sportsbetting, casino, poker, games.its one of the biggest sites, over 1 million users and they always pay your money when you request them fast. You can win a bonuses up to 680 euro depending on your playing activity. It means the more you play the more bonuses you can receive. When you register use this promotion code ANGMRGLHE to make you available for the bonuses.

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  9. games

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  10. Here a small list you might want to checkout All have great bonus offers.

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  11. If you want to play for real money…i recommend
    i truly believe that they are going to make it through all this B.S. of shutting down U.S. players.
    If you want to play w/ play money, try one of these-

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  12. The Great Sphinx January 24, 2010 at 12:54 am

    Be sure to check out before you do anything…….
    They’ll help you out a lot!

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  13. the_poker_lady January 24, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Go where the pros play….FullTilt Poker. LOL
    No really, it is a good schooling site and it is fun. I used to play at Party Poker and it was fun to, but nothing is like the real thing with people at your own table though! Gotta keep it real!

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  14. Online poker is the best thing ever.And I recomend u go to different sites and find out what kind of bonuses you can get. Like for instance Absolute poker gives a onetime 100% bonus on your first deposit. but Bodog gives a continous deposit bonus of 10% so look around and see if you have friends playing and get a reccomendation if u need one i have a few accounts so ask me

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  15. I like Bodog myself

    Here is a place you can go that rates the sites:

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  16. Full Tilt is a good place for a beginner as their games play slower and the interface is pretty user friendly.

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  17. I recommend three sites in particular for their nice bonuses, great game selection, and excellent sit-and-go tournaments at all stakes. As of this writing, all of these sites take players from any state in the US (as well as all non-US players, of course).

    Mansion Poker:

    Best of luck!

    If you have found this information useful, please visit The Online Casino Gambling Directory (the link is below), link to it from your site, blog, and MySpace page, and tell your friends!

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  18. You might want to check out this free poker ebook. It is full of tips and tricks on how to start playing online poker, for real money with no deposit required.

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  19. I highly recommend playing at as they have the offers of playing with real and play money. Also you get to earn poker points to enter in some tournaments with the prizes being real money, and if you do win and wish to have a payout, you just select cashier, and click on the payout tab and tell them how much and then in 20 buisness days you will have a check with that amount of the payout sent from them. Its a great site as i am on it all the time, they offer daily freeroll tournaments too. Hope to see you on there. also please check out my friends poker website of and i write poker articles on there too.

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