Online Poker: What would you say helps you become more sucessful and what do you normally play online?

Do you use software and how does that help?
Have you read any books like Killer Poker Online, aprt 1 or 2 or Online poker for winners.
I am pretty good and I want to elevate my game to the next level.

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  1. toastedbeans April 14, 2010 at 8:49 am

    I have used Holdem Indicator which tells you the odds of your handing winning in comparison to the pot odds. I find it very useful as i struggle with poker calculations / maths, so its perfect for me.

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  2. Check out Poker VT by Daniel Negreanu. Online poker training.

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  3. I play only online NL Texas Holdem Multi Table Tournaments, no more more ring cash games for me since I have seen so much collusion in them, and even in the smaller SNG tournies.

    Recently I am playing Small Ball Poker in tournaments, and it is working for me pretty well, the measurement is my growing bankroll. I don’t use any software, altrhough once in a while I will check out players on Sharkscope. It is better to pay attention to the game than deal with the side programs, and the math and odds are easy to track.

    I also use the Dymanic Point Count Strategy and practice, practice practice. There really is simply no substitute for playing experience, and I am still learning new tricks after years and years of playing. I also make notes on as many players as often as I can. I find this a much better use of my time then poker calculators or other software.

    One thing that I do also is to track every tourney and record my results for my bankroll ledger, and after that I make notes of hands I may have played wrong, or ones I did well with. Then once in a while I review all the notes.

    Here is a page full of tips and advice that may help your game out:

    Good luck!

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  4. Read a lot of online articles like to ones on the site

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  5. Killer Poker is great. I have read Zen and the Art of Poker…and still am trying to apply it. Hehe I learned the most basic strategy from a number of Phil Hellmuths books and DVDs.

    I currently play on Bodog, and usually work the 30-50 dollar SNGs. I love the perks, the solid customer service, quick payouts, and the weak players. Drop me an email if you would like some more detailed info.

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  6. Practice makes perfect. I play on web18casino. I’ve gotten pretty good playing there

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  7. I play sitngoes, but lately I have been doing better with $1 limit tables.

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  8. I don’t use any software, but I play alot at Full Tilt poker and do quite well. It’s a great site if you don’t have it, lots of pros to play with and great tournies. You can get a $50 free bankroll there by following the steps which are easy to do. Best part is you can win and keep that money!

    Just watching the pros play there have helped my play alot. I have knocked out 4 pros and received my buyin back plus a t-shirt. It is a good way to get a bankroll and make some money.

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  9. what everybody says is pretty much right… But practice and studying and learning from your mistakes…..

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  10. Vaiveahtoish April 14, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    You can get hundreds of articles and other stuff on online poker but the point every one miss is that how to apply those points and that to successfully. So my suggetion to you would be that follow only one pattern if it doesn’t suits you they go to another. Don’t just follow each and every thing and may end up loosing everything.
    Probably the number one mistake beginning poker players make is that they play far too many hands.
    As far as books is concerned I would suggest you to read SUPERSYSTEM AND THE THEORY OF POKER, these are very good books and they will surely enhace your knowledge in poker.

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  11. Books, articles, railing other people etc ultimately at the end of the day mean nothing in my opinion.You are pretty much reading or watching how other people play their opponents with no information in regards to past history of the two, how they view the other opponent, how the other opponent views them, etc etc.

    After a session, no matter what game. Go over your hand histories, every single one.Being results oriented does nothing, figure out where you missed bets what your mindset was, figure out why you made wrong calls and why you called then; after you figure this out go back and figure out how not to get to the place that makes you do those mistakes next time.

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  12. My advice would be, to be willing to take risks.

    -If you are in the lead with money, be risky. Start betting higher before the flop, and if things aren’t going your way, keep betting. You have the advantage of scaring them.
    -If you have the less amount of money within the group, play fair. Don’t bet unless you have a pair, or royals. Suits aren’t good enough for low money before the flop.

    If you’re playing in a tournament, don’t go all-in first round unless you have a pair. You will repeatedly do so, and lose a lot of money. Bad idea-I should know 🙂

    Luck isn’t bad to have either!

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  13. Mick Shrimpton April 14, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    I don’t like third party software as it is just a crutch. There’s no replacement than learning from your own mistakes and to stay disciplined.

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