Online Casino Reviews With The Personal Touch

Having spent the last three last weeks going from online casino to bingo hall to poker room It soon occurred to me that many online casinos are a lot better than others. It is not just the graphics or bonus offers that make a casino good or bad but moreso regarding licenses, software and withdrawal limits.

It may shock you to know that many bingo rooms have such an incredibly high withdrawal limit that once $20 has been deposited you then have to get up to the $70 mark before you get to see any of your winnings! That would mean either winning big straight away, or doodling along winning a few $10 prizes here and there. Those that play will understand that winning at bingo is a lot harder that one may think.

There are certainly some great poker rooms out there, it is amazing to note just how many tournaments exist that can be played for free but won for real cash. Some, if you look close enough offer a $5k free roll every week. Obviously you have to be in quick to get a seat at the tables, but to have a chance of winning that much money on cards for free is something that should be celebrated.

The numerous online casinos that were filtered through over the last few weeks were somewhat impressive. Those from Microgaming and Playtech had their usual burst of colour and great Progressive Jackpots and it was hard to find much fault in them. Even the VIP and Loyalty programs were very good where added extras were concerned and although in some cases you had to be a high roller to take part in them, it made very good reading.

Slightly newer casinos did pop up and look to be doing very well. Not only in offering bonuses but in providing the most important thing when it comes to online gambling and that is a 24/7 customer support service. After calling all of those listed on it was nice to discover that 91% of them offered immediate support with the other 9% providing answers after within a 24 hour period.

A “biggy” that I did discover is that there are not too many “really good” bookmakers out there. There are about a thousand bookies which include rogues too and only about 12 really got their boxes fully ticked with good. Others tended to drift more in the lines of slots and casinos and were quite pushy in their approach to making a sign up.

Something that needs to be done to all those that are guilty is to remove the annoying “Would you like to download while you browse” pop up that tends to be on some of the lesser online casinos. If a human being wishes to download something they shall do so in their own time and forcing the issue by providing pop ups every time you navigate to another page is no good for anyone, least of all the player, who may have left the site by the time the pop up finishes.

A very interesting three weeks, a lot of money spent but a great personal touch to online casino reviews, all of which can now be read at

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