Online Bingo Bonuses Reviewed

Did you know that online bingo sites regardless of how much of bonus cash is given out, the pay out is always going to be the same. That’s right most bingo online sites pay out an average of 70% in real money. While everyone sees all the great offers of bonuses posted all over the bingo site, we are going to share with you the real ins and outs of bingo bonuses. While some bingo sites want to you believe that you will always come out a winner with bingo bonuses, there are a few things that are not always true about all online bingo bonuses.

The first example is, you are always hearing about cashing out and taking your bonuses and going home. Well, in most bingo sites you will never be able to actually cash in your bonus money. So when looking for the perfect way to play bingo make sure you are reading all the rules. In most cases, deposits and bonuses are not allowed to be redeemed, and in most accounts your winnings are the first thing that will be spent out of your account.

Some online bingo sites, once you cash out and redeem your money will also erase completely your bonus money as well. This plays a role in two areas. While this idea of taking away bonuses for cashing out is to help discourage people from cashing out, this also helps lower the bonus money that can be played or in play. Another thing to look into or to check to see how often your bonus money expires and in most bingo sites all bonuses will expire in around 30 days.

Lastly, the truth about what is bingo bonus. While some would call it a scheme, we would like to suggest it’s more like a scam that in return can help you. But, keep in mind when looking for a bingo site that is offering a great deposit bonus. Just remember to completely read what you’re signing up for and in most cases the actual bonus could be a scam that you will never be able to redeem.

Though one of the great things about this bingo bonus money is that when letting your bonuses expire or decide to cash them in on other promotions the site is offering. What this does is actually decreases the bonus money which in return makes all the bonus or real money valuable for all the big winners to take out. Most big winners will take out their bonuses which will in return help everyone’s chances of winning.

Though keep in mind the only time that a bingo bonus could play in your favor is when your bonus is more than the average bonus money that is in play on the site. Which the final result or point of keeping your bonus money is the having the potential to purchase more bingo cards and have a chance of literally paying more to win. But, remember you cannot cash out your bonuses so you can still purchase bingo cards with them, and if you win from those cards you can then cash out those winnings.

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