I played casino classics free £500 bonus?

and made £144 profit it says if i put £20 it will go in my account after 30 mins but in the small print i noticed it says Bonus amounts credited to a Player’s bonus account are subject to 30 times play-through before they may be cashed in. Does that mean i will have to play with the whole 144 30 times before i can withdraw it?

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  1. Yes it means you have to play so many hands….but this isn’t a bad thing especially if you want to make money playing poker…have you ever heard of bonus chasing? There is a way to make serious money playing poker as a bonus chaser….you need to sign up to top poker rooms….this article explains it and one day I signed up to all the poker rooms that were at the end of his article….now i have a huge bankroll i just need to keep playing poker and it will get bigger once i play so many hands

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  2. Yes. You’d have to give them £4320 in action before you could cash out.

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  3. Yes, you have to.

    I was never able to withdraw casino bonuses before. Somehow I never met the requirements. Also I did not understand many of these requirements under fine print.

    But I read a book recently that features totally on how to take advantage of casino bonuses and make money. It’s very comprehensive. Covers info on which casino pays promptly too. Title is “How to Milk Casino Bonuses” I think.

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