Hunting For Bonuses In Blackjack And Slots

Slots and black jack are two of the hottest games in online casinos today. Many people sign in to casino sites to play these two games.

Interestingly, while these two online casino mainstays may seem to be totally different, not to mention totally unrelated, these two still share some common things that players may find useful when playing.

One of the similarities that these two share is the use of progressive betting. In progressive betting, players slowly increase the amounts of their bets as their winnings also increase. Progressive betting is offered in both games as an attraction to players. Gamers are expected to troop to these machines at the thought of higher and higher paybacks.

While progressive betting is used to increase casino sales, players of both games can also have strategic uses for the system. The idea of progressive betting is often used by players to slowly inch their way to the jackpot while keeping their bets in control.

Both slots and blackjack also follow the same pattern in terms of bonuses. While the individual bonuses may differ in their details, these still have recurring features that are common in both games.

The most common bonus that is offered in both the games is the comp point. The comp point, short for complementary point, is basically a point or number of points awarded to the player every time he plays. The comps can be redeemed for various items, such as freebies and even digital cameras, depending on the number of points. Since comps are general bonuses, players can combine points gathered from one game with that from the other game, making it easier to redeem more “expensive” (in terms of points) items.

Black jack and slots also share several other bonuses. One of these bonuses is the sticky bonus. This type of bonus can not be withdrawn but can be use to bet in games. As it is part of the gamer’s account, the bonus can be used in games other than the one in which it was won. This makes it easier for players to bet, since they can use the bonus in playing games instead of expending cash from the main account.

These similarities make slots and black jack very useful to bonus hunters. These gamers get a large amount of profit from a slow start by simply relying on the bonus they gather to get more cash from the site. For instance, when a hunter gets a sticky bonus from slot machine play, he can then use this to play in black jack and claim whatever bonus he gets from there. Some hunters are also quite bold enough to play using the bonuses they have gathered, such as loyalty points they have gathered, while they withdraw their winnings. And since both games both are known to give out large jackpots, this make it very lucrative and attractive to bonus hunters. Thus many of these gamers play the games. Bonus hunting also proves to be very exciting and it also draws other new players to the games.

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