How much money in taxes do you pay for playing online poker?

If you play online poker regularly, and say you’ve earned a hypothetical $5,000 in one year. How much in taxes would you pay? Would there be any exceptions or special circumstances?

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  1. Depends on the country.

    Then it depends on your income. (And of course, if you declare it).

    If you make 20K a year, then you’d add the 5K and pay taxes on 25K. If you make 100K a year, then you’d declare 105K and pay taxes. You’d pay a higher rate of taxes if you made 105K..

    It’s income tax, not a gambling tax.

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  2. simply don’t pay it…if the press finds out you pay the tax and a small amount of interest and say ”mr. president, it would be too much of a distraction to your administration and I respectfully decline the cabinet appointment” !!!!!!!!

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  3. depends on the country.

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