how much money do i need to start playing online poker?

Im planning on going to the WSOP next year. I know its 10K to get in so thats not the problem the problem is that i need to start playing so i can get better. I figured online poker would improve my game. I just dont know where to start or how much money i need to begin?

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  2. Dude you can play with play money at most poker sites. And you’ll be using the same numbers and strategys you’d use in a real game. But poker is a game of people not cards so practice bluffing and trying to find tells in peoples expressions. Hope I helped!

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  3. Completely depends on what levels You want to play.

    You could use No Deposit POKer Bonuses to start playing
    online poker without investing any own money. Depending
    on Your Country of Residence there are up to $1000 Free
    Poker Money available without making a deposit.

    If YOu want to practice for the WSOP then You might want
    to play higher limit tables, where You will find better players.
    If You want to play NL Hold Em with $2 / $4 Blinds I think You would need $4000 – $10000 as a Bankroll.

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  4. If you have facebook I strongly suggest joining the poker group. It is possible to play there with many other people (there will always be people playing). You get enough chips, can choose what table you want to play (blinds & #players) and there is a weekly tournament too where you can get chips as well.

    Ive played it for a while and the quality of gamers are good 🙂

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  5. Full Tilt Is My Personal Favorite
    I also like Absolute Poker They have a special promotion you get $100 Dollars FOR FREE, dude i did it and now i have 2,000 in my account click the banner

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