How can I become an online bingo chat host?

I would like to become an online bingo chat host or chat leader as some sites call them but I don’t know who to contact so I can get into a company. Anyone know?

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  1. Hi there

    That will be easy, just register for a few bingo sites and speak to the current hosts on these sites and ask how they got to be hosts, btw they dont get paid !

    You can even email these sites, as they have support emails, they will be happy to answer ur questions


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  2. The best way is to browse the site to find the contact details of the company who manage the site. It is best to look for a site which offers 24 hour customer support as these sites are guaranteed to have a large call centre and chat moderator base. If the telephone number is not on the site then steer clear of wanting to work for those type of sites. You can even call to request to speak to the Call Centre Manager who runs the customer service department responsible for chat moderators as they are called in the UK. Some sites let you work from home so location may not be a problem in some cases.

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