Has anyone stayed at NY NY?

We are traveling to Vegas at the end of august and found a deal to stay at the NY NY. I’ve read reviews online, but I was wondering if anyone could give me tips about staying here. Is there anything we need to be aware of? Are the restaurants there reasonably priced? Are they worth eating at? Is there a better casino within close walking distance that might have higher returns? Any information on this hotel is helpful. Please don’t give websites, I’ve already looked at tons! Thanks!
Do you automatically get comps for gambling at the casino you are staying at? Do you have to ask? If anyone can tell me more about the comps, that’d be great! I know next to nothing on this subject, so any info would be helpful!

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  1. NY NY is a pretty cool place. Nice rooms and decor. The ESPN Zone is good if you like Burgers and fries and the coyote ugly bar is packed at night. They even let you win there once in awhile unlike the MGM across the street.

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  2. zippythejessi February 4, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    I’ve stayed there and played there for years. I love it. It’s clean and comfy. =)

    IlForniao cafe has THE BEST coffee I’ve ever had, and it’s PERFECT for a light breakfast. America cafe is also good. The food is really reasonably priced, and there’s certainly enough of a variety to choose from.

    As far as for returns from the casino… It’s pretty average across the board, and I’ve been going to Vegas several times a year for the last 12 years. The big advantage to playing where you stay is getting comps. Sign up for the players club as soon as you check in = the booth is near the Big Apple Bar (look for a big red apple that resembles a disco ball, and veer to the right) and you can use the card in any MGM Mirage owned property.

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  3. I’ve stayed there before and i have enjoyed my stays… i like the rooms and its pool, but if u want to spend a lil more aND have the best time i would sugest the WYNN…..the hotel’s restaurant is no big deal b/c u’ll be everywhere,

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  4. four star location
    you will be happy


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  5. Definitely ask for a room that is not along the path of the roller coaster. Otherwise, you’re going to end up spending all your time listening to (or waiting for the inevitable next wave) of screams and loud machinery.

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