Different Kind Of Poker Bonus

The poker bonus has been around since the start of online poker, but poker bonuses from online poker sites at the same time have been getting progressively more complicated as time goes on. Here is a brief rundown of some of the major types of online poker bonuses.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus, also known as the first time deposit bonus or the welcome bonus, is a type of poker bonus that has been around since the start of online poker. It is the oldest type of poker bonus available and even today it remains the mainstay bonus in the majority of the online poker world. This is a bonus that is given to a player upon them making their first deposit into the poker room and is usually a very high percentage of that deposit up to a maximum amount (i.e. 100% up to $300). Deposit bonuses also tend to be the easiest bonuses to clear since they are used to bring people to the poker site for the first time.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus concept is the second oldest one, right after the deposit bonus. The idea behind the reload bonus is essentially the same as the idea behind the deposit bonus with the one difference being that reload bonuses come on deposits after the first deposit that a person makes. They are usually offered by poker rooms in an attempt to get people that have not played at the site for awhile to come back and play at the site. They tend to be less generous than deposit bonuses and harder to clear, but there are still many good ones available on the market.

Monthly Bonus

A monthly bonus is a periodic bonus and for that reason is similar in its structure to a weekly bonus, bi-weekly bonus or quarterly bonus, all of which are being offered at this point in time by different poker sites online. As far as poker bonuses go, the monthly bonus is a reliable source of bonus income that a person can actually get at the start of each month. They tend to be bonuses without percentages attached (i.e. they just tend to be $200 a month bonuses or some other number that you clear) and their clearance requirements tend to be the worst in the business. However, the reliability of monthly bonuses means that if you can come up with a good clearance strategy, they provide a regular source of poker income.

Other Poker Bonus Types

There are other types of poker bonuses that are used infrequently in comparison to the big three listed above. These include free roll tournament bonuses, bounty bonuses and sticky bonuses that you can not actually withdraw from the poker room even if you happen to clear it. All of these different Poker Bonus types are expected to only get more complicated as time goes by, illustrating the lengths that poker rooms are willing to go to in order to get more people to play at their sites.

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