Can I play aristocrat slots online?

I traveled through the US last month and found some really fun slots called aristocrat. Can I play them online?

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  1. michaelstjohn2001 April 16, 2010 at 9:00 am

    Why would you? Slots have to be the worst thing that you can gamble on online-house advantage is huge compared to just about anything else.

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  2. Aristocrat is the name of a slot machine manufacturer, not a game itself. If you were playing a land-based slot machine bearing the name Aristocrat, you were probably playing Queen of The Nile Slots, one of the most popular land-based slot machines around. Luckily, there are two games on the internet very similar to this one: Cleopatra’s Gold by RTG Casino software, and Cleopatra’s Pyramid by Vegas Technology Software. Both are excellent choices, and offer huge jackpots. I’ve provided the links below to both of these games’ review pages at New Slots Games Casino, which is the most comprehensive website for online slots. In addition, you should also check out New Slots Games Casinos’ Online Slots page, as well as its Best Online Slots page, both of which I’ve also referenced below.

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