Can anyone recommend a top rated texas holdem pc game?

I know nothing about good poker or casino pc games. My older brother is really in to Texas holdem in particular and i am trying to find a good pc game that i can get him for his birthday. Possibly something he could play online with ? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I have been doing some reading up on them, but all the reviews are fifty fifty… I would prefer a newer game if at all possible!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Honestly, the best online poker is found on the “real money” sites. If he wants to play in a more real atmosphere, download a client from or and have him play in the “free or play” money games. He can learn and still rack up chips to feel like he is really playing. You don;t have to play for money on those sites, so thats a good, free way to have fun and get practice in. If you were really nice, you could always make a “donation” to him on that site and have him play for real money, but that not necessary.
    As far as games go, I know the WSOP games for like the Xbox and PS3 are decent, so maybe the have PC versions as well?

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