Bonus Hunting In Online Casinos

Looking for the right casino to play in online is perhaps as exciting as playing in one itself. With the number of choices available online, one will definitely have a hard time signing up.

One of the things that many casino seekers tend to look out for in prospect site are the bonuses offered. The most eye catching of these bonuses is perhaps the sign-up bonus, mainly because it is the first offer that one gets from the casino. Sign-up bonuses usually go up to at least $500 dollars and are given either after sign-up or after the player has made his first deposit.

One thing of particular interest with regards to this kind of bonus is withdrawing the money. Withdrawals are also offered in different ways, some allows these amounts to be withdrawn right after registration is complete, other sites, on the other hand, required that the player deposit an initial amount or played a set number of games. This is actually done to prevent some people from simply cashing in the bonus and not playing at all.

However, before you get excited and quickly grab that offer, you might as well ponder on a few things. Note first the amount being offered. The amount should be of course very reasonable, not only for the player, but also for the casino. It is very easy to spot hoax casinos in this aspect. An sign up offer of a few hundred dollars can be considered as a reasonable offer, considering the amount of money that the casino can expect in return from you playing in their games. Better think twice before accepting an offer beyond a thousand dollars, as these are somewhat unrealistic, considering the amount.

Another interesting bonus that you can also get upon sign-up is the referral bonus. The referral bonus is given when a person referred by a player actually signs up with the casino. Players can receive the bonus a number of times, depending on how many they can recruit. The bonus can either be given on a per head basis, that is one bonus for one individual recruited, or via a quota, depending on the number of people recruited.

This type of bonus can quite interesting and engaging, if not very frustrating, to pursue. This can a test of your convincing power as not only referring people but also urging them to join. You may also want to be more patient in trying to get this one as it can take some time to get your first bonus, especially in case of quota based bonuses (which in cases, can take you several moths).

The easiest bonus that you can grab from online casinos, however is the loyalty bonus or loyalty points. These are given when players have already played a set number of games and are given regularly to players as a reward for playing in the casino. Thus you can expect more point to collect as long as you play. A good thing with rewards points is that some casino have agreements with each other, allowing you to combine points from different casinos and claim them from any of the casinos, this would add greatly to your bonuses.

With that much bonus in stored for you, you can definitely enjoy your time signing up for casinos and getting many bonuses. Just be aware of your wallet though.

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