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If you are not familiar with the concept of on line casino bonuses bingo bonuses, let’s make it clear: Many online casinos as well as bingo halls offer sign-up bonuses to new players making their first deposit. There are a certain variety of the bonuses but the most popular ones are of course no deposit bonuses especially in bingo rooms.

The name of the bonus says about itself: these bingo bonuses do not require a deposit. i.e., free bingo chips. The bingo rooms offering free chips are hoping that the potential players would test their games before depositing serious to beat the bingo. The truth is that they would definitely deposit free chips on the players account, but don’t hope to cash them out so easily. As you can guess, this is a part of the bingo rooms promotional strategy and they are not ready to share their money just for fun.

The main purpose of the promotion is to attract real players, not bonus hunters. That’s why the bonuses have some restrictions. The first one is a requirement to stake a certain amount. In online bingos, as a rule, a player should wager a bonus amount from 1 up to 6 times, i.e. to buy the tickets for this amount. The second restriction is that the bonuses are often non cashable (also called “sticky bonuses”) i.e. the cashable bonus can be cashed out after a player meets the bingo room wagering requirements while the non cashable bonus is one in which a player can pocket  only the winnings as a result fulfilling the wagering but not the bonus itself.

Quite often match bonuses followed by no deposit ones. Usually bingo rooms would offer you 100-200% bonus on your first deposit of $100. Mostly the bonus will hit the player’s account immediately after the deposit though in some cases the bonus will be added after you have staked on a certain amount (generally, this is the bookmakers policy). The bonus is mostly added automatically though in some cases it additional actions are required – to call the support service or to get a bingo bonus code etc. Unfortunately, online bingo rooms love “sticky” bonuses.

To make it simple: a player would have two accounts deposit and bonus account. Bonus account cannot be cashed in, but can be used to place wagers. Deposit account may only be cashed in once the balance of the bonus account is zero. Generally, sticky bingo bonuses don’t help you if you are winning, but they would let you be in the game longer and reverse the trend in your favor if you are loosing.

To play for real money, don’t refuse the bonuses – they will not be harmful but can help. Even before doing your first deposit the most important thing is to read bingo bonus terms and conditions to avoid frustration if you misunderstand something. Online casinos as well as bingos are paranoid about the “bonus hunters” that’s why they are very creative to wean them away hurting all players implementing more and more complicated bonus rules. It is similar to the CCTV cameras on the streets breaking the right of  privacy. A good example is that online bingos would restrict to wager your bonus on the “side games” – slots, keno, blackjack etc. The games which have an advantage over the house in favor of the player if, of course, there is decent bingo bonus and the wagering requirements are not far-fetched. So it is a must to read the terms and conditions before investing your money.

Though many online bingos are rather generous and would offer reasonable no deposit bingo bonus, good sign up bonus and of course many additional bonuses and promotions. There are those promising the bonus on every deposit you make (generally 50% of the deposit). There are those giving bonuses to celebrate different events or week end bonuses. The conditions to get these bonuses are generally the same as the first deposit bonus.

Besides of the bonuses online bingo halls often host various promotions where you can win additional money. On the bingos websites definitely you would find promo page dedicated to various actions, events, celebrations and bonuses. In this review there is only general information about bingo bonuses but if you are going to play, browse and read the terms and conditions first. Good luck in beating online bingos.

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