Biggest Casino Deposit Bonus ?

Well the biggest one i found is at It is a 1000% bonus up to $500 , anyone know of any bigger ones .

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  1. That place sucks

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  2. Chubbsy Wubbsy January 18, 2010 at 5:36 am

    I checked out that link. That’s a pretty big bonus, but they’re not giving you a straight 1000% bonus. They give you $100 of play money. At that point you play their games for up to a week with the $100. The amount of your bonus is determined by the dollar amount that you have when you decide it’s time to play for real money. That dollar amount is directly proportional to the percentage bonus that you will receive on your first deposit (up to $500 or 1000%).

    Examples: Fun money credits when you start playing for real = $500. Bonus on a $50 deposit = $250 (or 500%).

    Fun money of $300 converts to $150 bonus for $50 bonus.

    The worst you could do is play for free and end up losing and wasting your time. No big deal. I waste my time playing for free all the time. What I like to do is take advantage of no deposit bonuses. I’ve bookmarked

    They do a good job of keeping up on the free money offers!

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  3. The biggest bonus isn’t always the best. The best casinos don’t always offer the biggest bonuses yet they still have more people. The reason is usualyl that they have a better community, better software, more secure software, more games, or funner games. Overall the actual bonus should be just 1 of the elements that help you decide where you should be playing.

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  4. There is a website specifically dedicated to high-rollers.

    Here it is:

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  5. A list of the biggest current ones are here;

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