Are Roulette Sniper & BlackJack Sniper & Docs money for real?

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I have read a lot about these and nearly purchased them both on the back of some strong reviews. However i suspected that reviewers like Dave Morris (apparently a long-term online gambler of Squidoo) may in fact be affiliates and get a cut for bigging up Vince’s software.

So can someone tell me if they are real or are they just skip-fodder like the Martingale casinos mails.

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  1. I don’t know who this Dave Morris guy is, but I purchased Blackjack Sniper when it first came out back in August ’08. I am actually quite happy with the way Blackjack Sniper performs even if you don’t use the progressive feature that is built into it. As for the other two, I am not a big roulette gambler, so I can’t really answer your question there…

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