Are online poker and casino sites good or bad?

Do you think online poker and casino sites are good or bad? Why? Do you think it is a matter of personal choice and should be left to the person, or the government? Someone else?

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  1. Good. Poker Stars is the best!

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  2. Meggiemoo2008 January 25, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Zynga poker is good you dont need to use real money just earn it 🙂

    im good at it lol

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  3. ain’t wrong with online poker n casino. maybe yo thinking about kids going to those sites and learning how to gamble but that’s the way it is people like gambling. the government made it legal for sure so that leaves the personal choice

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  4. poker was invented the same day they invented a 52 card deck, the internet allows more people to play….but a computer decides the cards you get…you can get the same crappy hand 5 times in a row?

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  5. Personally, I think having them available to the public is perfectly fine, and I think it should be left open to personal choice.

    And that’s being said with a family member who has a large gambling problem.

    I think that the real problem is in education. We don’t educate our children at all when it comes to gambling. There are no programs or seminars that get the message across that casino gambling is ONLY for entertainment purposes and that you cannot win in the long run (which is far shorter than most people think).

    This concept extends to both live and online gambling of all sorts.

    I realize that there are people out there who cannot control themselves, and while some people in that position would never have gotten there with better education, that is not the case for all people in that position, but the fact is that gambling is out there and available to someone who wants to find it. It’s the same thing with alcohol and other similar things. Some people have a problem with it, but that doesn’t make it the government’s job to take it away from everyone.

    Just my two cents

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  6. ScandalousThings January 25, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Online poker is good if you know how to play.
    There is many sites where you can learn poker basics and than get free $ to start playing.
    Most popular pokerroom is Pokerstars, bet i prefer

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  7. Mick Shrimpton January 25, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    It’s definitely not a good thing for individuals who can’t control their habits or hobbies. However, when the government sticks their nose into people’s personal lives, it’s NEVER a good thing. Just look at the scary things that are about to happen with the new ‘red’ regime here in the US. Besides, most reliable online casinos allow players to ban themselves from play if they feel they are getting too deep in the hole.

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  8. Some are good, many are bad, and some are very very bad, in fact they are simply scams.

    Here is a link to the Online Casino and Poker Room BLACKLIST.

    See for yourself:

    In the US, I think the best thing that could happen would be for the Federal Government to institute legal gaming with controls and regulations on it. That would eliminate many of these scam sites fast!

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  9. There’s no wrong in casinos, it creates hundreds of new jobs and brings commerce to where it is built.. And I personally believe that casinos enhances the quality of life in the community

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  10. It’s a bad personal choice. Obsessive gambling has wrecked families. Casinos might bring jobs to the area, but gambling eventually exposes its even seamier underside, like prostitution and theft.

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  11. poker is ok as poker is a game of Skill – if you stay with reputable sites like full tilt or poker stars and you know what your doing it is possible to make money

    the problem is everyone THINKS they know what they are doing at poker, few of that % actually know enough to do well at it for REAL money!

    Online Casinos are really not a good idea – the action is FAST, and for ME there is too many stories that the software is Rigged.

    And its prolly not really fraudulent but the software is designed for the HOUSE and its designed for the house to make money.

    Ive heard of people who can make a living off casinos – NOT many by the way, Ive NEVER heard of someone making a living off the online casinos!

    Someone said one way to test casino site is to play roulette to check if their software is fraudulent. Place 1 bet on RED and 1 bet on Black and Spin the wheel. IF ZERO comes up within the first 10 to 12 spins, the software you are playing on is prolly rigged.

    It doesnt happen all the time, but it has happened enough that you really have to wonder if the AVG player has a shot at an online casino!

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